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COCO is hosting a Post-wildfire Interactive conference. 

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Coalitions & Collaboratives, Inc. with support from our co-conveners are thrilled to present After The Flames Workshop and Conference. 

Embassy Suites Denver Exterior ImageThe Conference will be held at Embassy Suites in downtown Denver, CO. 

It will be a 3-day conference starting mid-day on April 1, 2019, with panelist discussing their perspectives on recovery after a wildfire. The conference will continue with a variety of interactive conversations with all participants as well as traditional conference formats. Topics will include: 

Forest floor on fire

  • Federal & State perspective on recovery
  • Local government and community organizations perspective on recovery
  • Flood mitigation and erosion control
  • Infrastructure and Utilities
  • Invasive Species and Threatened and Endangered Species
  • Community resilience and preparation
  • Pre-fire planning for post-fire response
  • Fantastic Failures: Sharing Lessons From Things That Didn’t Work
  • Economic Impacts & Funding
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