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Purgatorie Watershed Partnership

The Purgatoire Watershed Partnership (PWP) contains diverse stakeholders who have developed management priorities for the Purgatoire River as it flows from Trinidad Dam and through the City of Trinidad. This stretch of the river contains important value for recreation, agricultural uses, property developers, rural economic development, historical values, and wildlife habitats.  With these values in mind, PWPARWC, the ABRT and COCO reflect the community of interests that rely upon the river. COCO supports this work fiscally and provides guidance, oversight and strategic planning, as well as business management and grant support. Successful activities includes:

  • Develop a River Walk Historical and Recreational corridor
  • Minimize flood risks through river modifications
  • Restore of riparian and aquatic habitat
  • Improve recreational opportunities
  • Promote education, safety, and security
  • Manage winter flow releases
  • Preserve water rights and agricultural heritage  
  • Build organizational capacity for Purgatoire Watershed Partnership
  • Provide analysis and monitoring of projects towards the goals established to adaptively manage future projects
  • Hydraulic/hydrology modeling to analyze the impact of low-flow waters on aquatic and riparian habitat and the impact of flood waters on the river
  • Synthesis of scientific analysis leading to the identification and prioritization of projects on the river
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