Coalitions & Collaboratives, Inc.

People working together, for people & the planet

Our history

What We Do

At COCO we foster collaborative conservation initiatives by:

Mentoring placed-based collaborative organizations and providing financial, technical, and staff support.

Working to support organizations that address local conservation issues through an inclusive community-based approach.

Engaging and educating local, regional and national leaders on some of the most pressing conservation issues of our time.

Recognizing that passionate and engaged people are the source of action for restoration projects. We support these people and help to increase the capacity of the groups they work with. More importantly, we share and celebrate their successes in making positive, sustainable change in their communities and restoring the lands we all depend on.

What We Believe

◊ We care about people and the planet, not one or the other. Community values and economic sustainability are pillars of our approach.

We believe that groups of people working together have the best chance of addressing complex problems, and leveraging the greatest number of resources and assets. No single individual, business, organization, or government can fix the difficulties facing our planet and its people. By working together, a robust mixture of stakeholders can actually drive positive change, mitigate challenges, and build resiliency for society.

◊ We believe in utilizing adaptive management and formulating decisions based on the best available science. We believe in monitoring, researching, and documenting our outcomes with factual data. We believe that the lessons learned by studying our work, are imperative for long-term success and that we learn as much from our not-so-fruitful endeavors as from our most fruitful ones.

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