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CMAT: Community Mitigation Assistance Team

Community Mitigation AssistanceĀ Team

The Community Mitigation Assistance Team (CMAT) program grew from a desire to change the status quo and make a difference in places affected by fire. The team, for which Jonathan Bruno acts as team lead, perfectly complemented his desire to make a larger impact. All of the experiences that Jonathan has gained through the creation of the CUSP forestry program are embedded within the CMAT concept. CMAT harnessed the breadth of knowledge within a multidisciplinary team of mitigation professionals to embed themselves within a community, listen, learn, and guide positive action.

CMAT assesses the local conditions, reviews the barriers, and dives in feet first. We review what works and what does not. The team helps the local community make the necessary connections it needs to succeed and leaves it with the tools it needs to move forward. Like COCO, CMAT does not do the work for a community; instead, we facilitate the positive actions. To learn more please visit theĀ CMAT website.

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