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Coalitions & Collaboratives we are currently supporting 


A Healthy Watershed – Now and in the Future


Healthy Watersheds & Economic Prosperity


A healthy and resilient Cache La Poudre Watershed

Greenway Fund

Creating safe, healthy, and accessible regional waterways so people can connect, protect, and create with water for an improved life.

Middle Arkansas Wildfire Prevention Partnership

The mission of the partnership is to provide effective reduction of the threat of wildfires to life and property in Pueblo, Fremont, and Custer Counties.


Fire Adapted Colorado (FACO) provides a statewide platform for information sharing and forward thinking discussion as related to wildfire issues. FACO acts as a connecting force that works with a collective voice, aimed at creating safer and more resilient communities living with the threat of wildfire.


As an organization we aim to create a “new natural”—a culture that coexists with wildfire and accepts fire as a natural process in our landscape.  We dream of healthy forests and a community that is ready for and adapted to wildfire. 

Strategic Partners

Our partners in conservation investment and collaboration

Our forests are under stress.  Fire, disease, and a changing climate are destroying millions of acres each year, permanently altering our western landscapes.  We aim to change that by redefining how Americans value their forests, but we cannot achieve our goals alone. Find out what is going on and how you can help.

SRFSN is a support system and catalyst for managers, scientists, policy makers, and citizens to interact and share credible fire science for sound decisions in land management and planning. 

Establish forestry that is ecologically, economically, and socially responsible as the standard for professional forest management, from coast to coast.

Our Friends

Past affiliates and other conservation groups we have mentored


A strike team of specialists who work with communities and national forests before, during and after wildfires to address mitigation challenges, develop plans based on best practices, identify opportunities, and determine next steps to help communities in the face of the wildland fire threat.

Big Thompson Watershed Coalition

A healthy and resilient Big Thompson Watershed that benefits the fish, wildlife, and people it serves.

Little Thompson Watershed Restoration Coalition

A resilient and enduring watershed that creates an ecologically healthy river.

Saint Vrain Creek Coalition

A resilient, ecologically-healthy watershed supporting a sustainable, working river system.

Coal Creek Canyon Watershed Partnership

Promoting resiliency in the canyon through community engagement and river restoration.

Arkansas Basin Roundtable

The Arkansas Basin Roundtable continues its efforts to solve future water issues collaboratively. 


Lower Ark is a water conservancy district that has a track record of using innovative ideas to help solve water issues affecting the Lower Arkansas Valley.

Black Forest Together

Initially, to help the residents of the Black Forest region to recover, rebuild, restore and their lives, protect the Forest’s water quality and ecological health with an emphasis placed on community values, economic stability and the richness of our natural environment today and in the future. Recently, the mission has been expanded to include reforestation of the burn scar through the implementation of the Trees 4 Tomorrow (T4T) Program.


RV4CampfireFamily provides housing to displaced fire victims in Paradise, California by connecting RV donors with eligible families.

November 8 2018- Paradise, CA -14,000 homes were destroyed in the largest wildfire in CA history. 50,000 residents were left homeless. RV4CampfireFamily is working to give people a place to call home and hope.
Coalitions and Collaboratives, Inc works directly with our friends at RV4CampfireFamily acting as their fiscal sponsor until they gain their own non-profit status.
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