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Action, Implementation, and Mitigation Partnership

Developed in partnership with our Federal, State and regional partners, Action,  Implementation, and Mitigation Partnership (AIM-P) seeks to increase wildfire risk reduction activities in high risk communities. Selected participants in AIM-P will receive technical and financial support and become affiliate members of COCO.

AIM is:

  • An action based group of wildfire mitigation practitioners who have received funding and/or support to complete risk reduction activities.
  • Made up of wildfire risk reduction practitioners.
  • A program aimed at increasing the diversity of funding available to allow organizations the ability to increase the scale and pace of mitigation activities.
  • A complimentary program to existing resources and programs currently underway.

AIM-P is not:

A new network intended to take the place of existing networks; such as the Fire Learning Network (FLN) or Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (FAC) – This program is intended to complement the amazing work of these vital programs. To learn more about FLN and FAC please follow the links – Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network. Fire Learning Network

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