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Action and Implementation for Mitigation Partnership

Developed in partnership with our Federal, State and regional partners, Action and Implementation for Mitigation Partnership (AIM) seeks to increase wildfire risk reduction activities in high risk communities. Selected participants in AIM will receive technical and financial support and become affiliate members of COCO.

AIM is:

  • An action based group of wildfire mitigation practitioners who have received funding and/or support to complete risk reduction activities.
  • Made up of wildfire risk reduction practitioners.
  • A program aimed at increasing the diversity of funding available to allow organizations the ability to increase the scale and pace of mitigation activities.
  • A complimentary program to existing resources and programs currently underway.

AIM is not:

A new network intended to take the place of existing networks; such as the Fire Learning Network (FLN) or Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (FAC) – This program is intended to complement the amazing work of these vital programs. To learn more about FLN and FAC please follow the links – Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network. Fire Learning Network

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