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Mitigation Best Practices training concentrates on science, methods and tools to engage communities and residents, eliminate ineffective but common practices and get community fire adaptation actions accomplished on-the-ground. This national level two-day training is for current or future mitigation specialists, wildfire program leads and others working with communities and residents in accomplishing mitigation. Training focuses on federal, state, county, community and non-profit practitioners.

Community Mitigation Assistance Team training focuses on how CMAT works with communities and what skills and experiences are needed to participate on a national CMAT deployment. This training is part of the continuing development and implementation of the CMAT concept and focuses on CMAT trainees and team members from federal, state, county, community and non-profit jurisdictions. All CMAT participants must take Mitigation Best Practices Training.

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Mitigation Best Practices: February 25-26, 2020
Community Mitigation Assistance Team: February 27-28, 2020
National Interagency Fire Center, Boise, Idaho

Registration closes January 24, 2020.

WUI Best Mitigation Practices

The biggest barrier to community fire adaptation is not motivation or desire at the community level; it’s local capacity. The fire world has spent billions developing a state-of-the art wildfire response infrastructure. Conversely, very little has been spent to build, maintain, and strengthen a national infrastructure to support community wildfire risk reduction. Mitigation efforts are unorganized, spotty, starving for knowledge, training, and funding, and they continue to spend most of their time looking for funds and relying on ineffective methods. Some are successful, many are not.

This 2 day pre-conference training incorporates “what we know” and “what works” into a comprehensive training program that dives into the following topics: Community Wildfire Protection Plans, Messaging and Engagement, Collaboration, Partnerships, Community Fire Adaptation, building capacity, Home Assessments and Site Visits. If you are faced with a mitigation challenge, come with questions.

Join Us:
March 22-23, 2020
Peppermill Resort, Reno, Nevada

Conference & Workshop
Experts warn that year-round fire season is the new normal. Wildfire is no longer “if” it will occur, but rather “when.” 
Wildfires burned 9,781,062 acres in 2017. The aftermath leads to flooding, emotional distress, and the need for leaders to support the recovery process. Coming together with industry experts will allow us to utilize lessons learned from others and have better planning for each recovery process.

Join Us:
April 6-8, 2020
Granlibakken Tahoe, Tahoe City, California

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