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AIM: Action, Implementation, and Mitigation Partnership


Developed in partnership with our Federal, State and regional partners, The Action, Implementation, and Mitigation Partnership (AIM-P) seeks to increase wildfire risk reduction activities in high risk communities. Selected participants in AIM-P will receive technical and financial support and become affiliate members of COCO.

AIM-P is:

  • An action based group of wildfire mitigation practitioners who have received funding and/or support to complete risk reduction activities.
  • Made up of wildfire risk reduction practitioners.
  • A program aimed at increasing the diversity of funding available to allow organizations the ability to increase the scale and pace of mitigation activities.
  • A complimentary program to existing resources and programs currently underway.

AIM-P is not:

A new network intended to take the place of existing networks; such as the Fire Learning Network (FLN) or Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (FAC) – This program is intended to complement the amazing work of these vital programs. To learn more about FLN and FAC please follow the links – Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network. Fire Learning Network.

Grants & Support

COCO, with support from private and the Federal funding, will be releasing several financial awards to organizations across the west to increase wildfire risk mitigation activities. Awards are intended to help accelerate Fire Adapted Community concepts, increase resiliency, and protect firefighters and communities. Funding will be provided to a wide array of organizations.  

COCO will provide direct support to place-based wildfire mitigation organization through pass-through grant funding, on-site engagement, mentoring and training on proven best mitigation practices.

COCO will provide ongoing mentoring and support to funded groups focused on accomplishing wildfire risk-reduction actions, in order to ensure programmatic sustainability at a local level.

In 2019 COCO will provide direct financial, technical expertise, and subject matter expert resources to help high risk communities within the continental U.S.A. achieve their wildfire adaptation goals. Grant funding will be limited to a maximum award of $50,000.00. 

Who Is Eligible?

  • Communities that are at high risk to wildfire in proximity to public lands
  • Organizations or community groups currently conducting or planning pre-fire mitigation activities aimed at protecting their communities, watersheds and ecosystems
  • Groups seeking mentorship and/or funding to conduct pre-fire mitigation and risk reduction activities
  • Organizations that are willing to collaboratively work with COCO staff to develop their mitigation projects and proposal for funding
  • Organizations that are willing to share their lessons, challenges and successes with their national, state, and/or local Fire Adapted Communities Networks
  • Organizations with non-profit status, fire departments, regional and local collaboratives, fire safe councils, etc
  • Organizations that can provide a match, in the form of cash or in-kind services (including volunteer hours)
  • Organizations that can ensure compliance with all grant reporting requirements and meet project completion milestones and deadlines

  • Due to limited funding availability Homeowner and Property Owner Associations (HOA/POA), Metro Districts and other similar homeowner groups are not eligible to apply.


Mitigation Mentors

Funding helps a community take action, but communities often need more than just money.  The Mitigation Mentors program is built upon this concept. In 2018 we will recruit Mitigation Coaches from across the country to support COCO’s Action and Implementation for Mitigation Partnership. Mitigation Mentors will act as mentors, supporting AIM funded communities. Mitigation Mentors will work directly with the funded organization and be accessible to provide mitigation best practices, training, resources, guidance, and overall support to help funded communities increase their likelihood of success.

Mitigation Coach Responsibilities

  • Act as a liaison between COCO and AIM funded Organizations
  • Provide direct support – help design, implement, provide technical support, etc
  • Be available to travel to organization’s site and provide direct on-site support
  • Report back to COCO staff at predetermined times
  • Ensure compliance with grant requirements (reports, budgeting, etc)


  • Provide application for participation.
  • Must be able to provide time/capacity (commitments will vary based on need).
  • Eligible to receive Federal Funding (Individually or through your organization).  The amount of time needed will likely vary and reimbursements will be based on a proposed hourly rate and individual agreements with each Mentor.
  • Provide timely reporting of time, expense and narrative report to COCO.
  • Extensive knowledge on partnerships, collaboration, mitigation and program development.  Additional skills such as – grant management, data collection, reporting, program design and implementation, etc will be desired.


  • Salary and travel reimbursement will be provided.
  • Ability to increase professional skills.
  • A chance to make a bigger difference – support start-ups and newer organizations as they embark upon their mitigation journey.
  • Inclusion of professional bio and skills on COCO website
  • Participation and support of a new and innovative approach to increase wildfire action at a national scale.

If you are interested in learning more about the COCO Mitigation Mentors program please contact Jonathan Bruno

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