Coalitions & Collaboratives, Inc.

Grant Opportunities

We focus on building relationships and increasing capacity of organizations working on community and landscape level conservation efforts. Entities we support must work with a broad stakeholder base that includes local community leaders, NGOs, fire departments and government agencies. As we grow, we will work to continually identify potential affiliates and partners that work within our areas of interest.

We strive to maintain open and clear communication with potential affiliates. If you have any questions about our process or if you would like to submit a letter of interest, please contact us here.

Firefighters in burning forest


Twice a year, COCO offers opportunities to communities to build capacity and reduce wildfire risk.

Riverbank log stabilization in the Upper South Platte

Watershed Restoration

There are no available grants in this area at this time

Four volunteers with pickaxes completing trail work

General Conservation

There are no available grants in this area at this time

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