Mitigation 101 training course

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About the course

Mitigation 101, an introductory course, offers a foundational training experience tailored for professionals in the field of mitigation and wildfire management. This immersive one-day program aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of concepts, resources, and terminology crucial to navigating the intricacies of community wildfire mitigation.This course is intended as a precursor to Community Wildfire Mitigation Best Practices (CWMBP) if students are interested in taking that course as well.  Participants can expect to leave Mitigation 101 with a heightened Awareness of wildfire mitigation and awareness of: Community Wildfire Mitigation Terminology, Introduction to Fire Behavior and Response, Policies, Plans, and Funding, The Players and Programs, Taking Action in Communities and on Landscapes and Ongoing Learning Opportunities.

Upcoming Courses

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