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COCO’s strength comes from our people. COCO would not be where we are today without our passionate and informed staff members. Working for COCO affords you the opportunity for advancement, professional development, and the chance to really make a difference within the environmental sector. As a COCO team member you will be joining a highly successful and revered not-for-profit organization working alongside our skilled and dedicated staff and volunteers. We provide competitive wages and some benefits (vacation, holiday, sick, life/disability insurance, matching retirement plan). Advancement opportunities abound for the right individuals.

Available Positions:

Professional Water Resources Engineer

Salary: Commensurate with experience


We are seeking a professional water resources engineer for a wide range of projects, such as wetland and stream restoration; aquatic species passage projects; forest road and trail closures, reroutes, or development; post-fire/flood emergency response; water quality BMP projects; etc.  


Our office is located in Lake George, CO, (about one hour west of Colorado Springs and two hours southwest of the Denver Metro area in the mountains), though the individual may telecommute a significant portion of the time. The individual should generally like to travel as we have projects spread out across a wide area of Colorado, and may have out of state projects in the future. 


We seek an engineer with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. The ideal candidate would be a hands-on person with a common-sense approach to day to day problem solving. He or she will work both at direct engineering and supervising project implementation, as well as overseeing external consultant teams.   Responsibilities range from preliminary planning and plans of operation, to collection of field data, modeling, report writing, reviewing project designs and specifications, overseeing contractors, and finalizing project as-builts. Understanding of required permits, such as 404 and flood plain permitting, is essential.


The position will work closely with external partners, such as area major water providers, counties, state agencies and federal agencies (particularly the US Forest Service, or the Natural Resources Conservation Service).


Minimum Qualifications

  • An engineering degree from an accredited engineering college and a PE license in Colorado (or the ability to sit for the Colorado test at its next cycle if the engineer has a PE in another state).
  • Strong work ethic.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license and suitable driving record for our consideration. 
  • Good knowledge of basic office software, CAD, GIS, and other similar software (and associated devices); strong understanding of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software, such as HEC-RAS/HEC-HMS/TR-55, Geo- RAS, Hydraflow, HydroCAD, and/or similar software
  • A holistic approach to natural resource projects that marries best engineering practices with a strong appreciation of ecosystems and ecological principals. 

If you feel that your experience may be suited for this position, please submit your cover letter, resume, and references in PDF format to If you have questions, call Carol at 719-748-1496.

Wildfire Mitigation Program Manager


The Mitigation Program Manager is responsible for implementing Coalitions and Collaboratives, Inc wildfire risk reduction mitigation programs and associated wildfire risk reduction/mitigation projects and activities across the United States. The position works directly with COCO leadership staff on wildfire risk reduction initiatives. The Mitigation Specialist will act as a liaison between federal, state, county and local representatives to encourage information exchange, on-the-ground program implementation, provide mentoring and training, and work to strengthen collaborative partnerships between agencies and communities. This position requires acceptance and active participation in the Community Mitigation Assistance Team. **This is not an entry-level position** Incumbent is expected to have significant professional knowledge and ability related to the following tasks.

Education & Outreach 

Example Tasks:
Engage with WUI community leaders via phone, written, electronic as well as on-site face-to-face communications to increase awareness and understanding related to wildfire risk and activities/actions that can be taken to reduce/mitigate risk.

• Understand and effectively speak to wildfire related issues to deliver consistent yet site specific, engaging and science based information and training about wildfire risk and mitigation best practices in both the built and natural environments.
• Utilize existing and emerging technologies to deliver site-specific wildfire risk reduction recommendations to homeowners and communities via a variety of communication mechanisms, such as generated reports and maps.
• Attend, coordinate and help facilitate community, HOA and other related meetings and outreach opportunities to deliver presentations and educational materials, promote mitigation programs and strengthen community relationships.
• Coordinate and complete targeted outreach to communities via a variety of mechanisms.

Assist with the design and implementation of mitigation projects across a wide geographical area.

Partnership Development 

Work with communities to develop effective, diverse and sustainable mitigation programs.

Example Tasks:

• Coordinate / develop / foster mitigation partnerships with diverse partners.
• Facilitate and resolve conflict.Help set priorities and align diverse interests to create sustainable mitigation programs.
• Develop organizational partnerships across a wide geographic region.
• Provide mentorship and guidance to organizations and individuals working on wildfire risk reduction activities.
• Develop partnerships with partner organizations and entities.

Wildfire Planning & Evaluation
Develop planning products to help communities and fire protection districts understand wildfire risk and prioritize risk reduction actions.
Examples of Tasks:

• Work with communities to support the completion of parcel level rapid wildfire risk assessments, Community Assessments and/or community level CWPPs.
• Facilitate and complete fieldwork associated with wildfire risk assessments, Community Assessments and CWPPs in order to develop associated planning documents.
• Use GIS (ArcMap, Collector, etc.), diverse hardware, software and Google Earth to create geodatabases, maps and other geospatial projects in support of planning projects.
• Ability to evaluate programs effectiveness and barriers to success. This includes internal and external programs and projects across a broad geographical region.

Fuels Reduction, Mitigation & Community Projects
Wildfire Mitigation Specialist will aid communities in the development of Fuels Reduction & Slash Management programs.

Examples of Tasks:
Promote Cost-Share Programs and Community Chipping Programs through a variety of outreach and networking mechanisms, including sharing different models, helping design programs and in development of cross boundary projects and programs.

Support the strategic development of fuelbreak projects including the following supporting tasks:

• Project planning; the cost-share application, award agreement and reimbursement process; as well as project implementation and post-project maintenance.
• Coordinate property owner Cost-Share Program Application submissions for internal review.
• Develop project design criteria and specifications.
• Write Scope of Work (SOW) and Request for Proposals (RFP) documents.
• Layout and mark projects using GIS/GPS technologies as well as flagging and spray paint.
• Facilitate contractor show-case trips to solicit bids on behalf of property owners.
• Make cost-share funding recommendations for internal review and approval.
• Perform project inspections and contractor compliance checks to ensure adherence to design criteria and specifications for intermediate as well as final project checkoffs.

Coordinate Community Chipping Program projects including the following supporting tasks:

• Identify and work collaboratively with key community liaisons/advocates to plan and initiate outreach and communications regarding projects.
• Aid in the development of community specific flyers, guidelines and other outreach materials.
• Support the development of management tools regarding community enrollment and participant registrations t
• Support the development of chipping program participant communications and relations.
• Aid in chipping project contractor oversight & participant ‘pile and materials guidelines’ compliance checks using established protocols.
• Finalize project data, critical documentation and contractor invoice payment processing.

Monitoring and Evaluation 

Position will be responsible for management of all programmatic data and delivery of data to funding organizations.

Examples of Tasks:

• Support reporting efforts by tracking detailed programmatic information using spreadsheets, written reports, photographs and GPS/GIS technologies.
• Developing and sharing data collection programs for supported communities and organizations.
• Develop interim and final programmatic reports to meet deadlines.
• Work with supported communities to collect programmatic outcomes, lessons learned
• Ability to be responsive to the needs of the supported communities
• Development of program monitoring programs and evaluation tactics to adapt programs as needed.

Organizational Sustainability, Project Management & Development
COCO actively plan for the future sustainability and resiliency of the organizations. The position supports leadership’s efforts to ensure timely progress toward future organizational direction and vision.

Examples of Tasks:
1. Assist with organizational sustainability efforts.
2. Pursue funding opportunities in collaboration with COCO staff and partners.

• Assist and develop future funding mechanisms to support program. Activities could include:
• Grant writing and grant report compilation
• Fundraising
• Outreach and Education
• Presentations on program of work and network development
• Provide strategic planning support for program development and growth.
• Develop, create and deliver mitigation training programs and associated curriculum.


• Independent and self-motivated with ability to work remotely with limited supervision.
• Attention to personal relationships, partnership development and retention.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills including public speaking and presentation skills.
• Strong facilitation and leadership skills.
• Team player with the ability to collect many different types of input and move forward in a positive, productive way.
• Ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects and activities.
• Close attention to detail and organization.
• Willingness to work some evenings, weekends and holidays (flexibility).
• Willingness to travel locally, regionally and across the U.S for extended periods of time (Proximity to large international airport will be essential to minimize travel associated costs).
• Strong proficiency with word processing,Power points, spreadsheets and database management.
• Proficiency with Google suite of applications (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, MyMaps, etc.)
• Proficiency with ESRI products (ArcMap, Catalogue, Collector, Online, etc.) as well as handheld GPS technologies
• Ability and willingness to use a personal vehicle (POV) and rental vehicles for travel within work areas.


• College degree in a related field and 3 years of experience in wildfire mitigation programs.
• Qualified as a wildland fire fighter, and in ROSS.
• Ability to deploy on non-conventional fire assignments is a requirement of this position.
• Direct experience developing and implementing forestry, fire mitigation and associated programs.

Understanding and experience with a variety of topics/disciplines including:

• Wildfire ecology in fire prone and fire excluded environments
• Wildland fire behavior
• Defensible space design, development & best practices
• Strategic fuelbreak design, development & best practices
• Fuels management best practices
• Structural ignition vulnerability & mitigation measures
• Common wildland fire suppression operations and tactics
• Behavioral and economic applied sciences
• Emergency preparedness & Response
• Community development & land use planning
• Facilitation
• Partnership development
• Budgeting
• Training development & delivery
• Logistics and event planning
• Communications tactics and techniques


The position is expected to work 40+ hours/ week. For the right applicant this position may be able to work from a remote location; however, frequent travel will be necessary. Compensation for this position will be determined based on qualifications and experience. We are looking for an exceptional employee that will excel and help to facilitate the development of programs and initiatives.There will be a 6-month probationary period for this position.Upon completion of the 6-month probationary period leadership team will review position deliverables, outcomes and progress. The hiring salary for the Mitigation Specialist will be dependent upon experience.

COCO offers the following benefits:

Health Insurance

Paid Time Off (Sick & Vacation)

Paid Holidays

401k matching contributions


Work is performed in an office, vehicle and /or outdoor setting in all possible weather conditions. While performing the duties of this job the employee is required to stand, sit, walk, talk, or hear for extended periods of time. Occasionally lifts and carries 50lbs at least 100ft. frequently walks over uneven rough terrain, carries necessary job equipment. Frequently sits in one position while driving.

Incumbent will be expected to participate in the Community Mitigation Assistance Team (CMAT), which involved traveling up to 2 months per year, during the summer months on fire assignments – to learn more about CMAT visit –


Interested individuals should submit the following:

1) Letter of Application. No more than three pages. Include statements describing your specific knowledge, skills and experience as they relate to this position and this organization. (PDF file)

2) Resume. Should be a maximum of three pages and include at least three professional references. (PDF file)

Applications are being accepted until the position is filled. Interviews for high-ranking applicants will be scheduled on an individual basis. Please send application materials via email only. 

Send required information by clicking the button below and attaching to the email.

Additional Notes:

If you are interested in working for COCO and feel you are qualified for a position not currently posted, we invite you to send a cover letter and your resume below. 

Coalitions and Collaborative, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and no otherwise qualified individual shall be subject to discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion or religious affiliation, sex, familial status, age, genetics, disability, or national origin in any phase of employment for this position. Further, the work to be performed under this contract is subject to the requirements of Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, as amended, 12 U.S.C. 70u (Section 3) which states that employment and other economic opportunities generated by HUD assistance shall, to the greatest extent feasible, be directed to low and very low-income persons, particularly persons who are recipients of HUD assistance for housing.


If you are applying for a job listed above, please follow application instructions on the job description. 

Use the link below to apply for a position that is NOT listed above.


Undergraduates, graduate students and emerging professionals looking for an unparalleled learning experience. COCO offers opportunities to apply academic knowledge and analytical skills gained in school in a diversified, professional environment.

We value passion and intellectual curiosity. We are eager to nurture and guide emerging professionals who will become leaders in environmental protection. We are honored when we can serve and inspire the next generation of dedicated environmental stewards. 

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